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 Hey Man....Nice Shot

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PostSubject: Hey Man....Nice Shot   Hey Man....Nice Shot Icon_minitimeThu May 22, 2008 11:52 am

I値l make another thread posting all of my request but right now I知 going to just make this be about one. I don稚 know if I値l have any luck, but these sights are probably going to give me more possibilities then Gaia, because the subject would be considered taboo, considered wrong. I知 looking for people who would be interested in doing a role-play, a story about a school shooting. Now when I say that, I mean the story can take place before. That would actually be more of what I知 looking for, building up to the incident, or after like the movie Home room.

There are plenty of people that find the subject touchy, they have good reason. But just movies are made on disasters, role-play can be to. By choosing to write such an event, you池e only exploring a character or a few.

I want somebody that can give me more than a few sentences, have more than smut on their mind. Some one who want痴 a good role play, action, romance, drama, angst, all in one. it will keep it going. I want someone whose going to be able to write how their character痴 thinking in the head.

Can be any gender, I am looking for a romance but like I said, any gender is wanted. I知 looking for 1X1, I think is able to control and play it through, though if I can find a promising couple who want a group one, I値l consider it.

Hopefully instead of shunning this, some inspiring writer, or someone痴 who痴 bored out of their mind will want to take a chance in challenging your mind.

If interested, PM me, post here or I have all three messengers.

AIM: Weskers girl
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Hey Man....Nice Shot
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