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 Bad Girl, Good Boy.

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Lymio Kidaka

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Bad Girl, Good Boy. Empty
PostSubject: Bad Girl, Good Boy.   Bad Girl, Good Boy. Icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2008 10:13 pm

Today was like any other day. Sun shining, little to no clouds in site. Humid, white t-shirt hanging loosely over his black bonds one, a pair of black pants and sneakers let the boy's white hair stand out, his smokey grey eyes falling onto the school gate. He was early, as usual, a little too early infact, it was only 7:00AM.
Lymio plopped his school bag down with a sigh, running one hand through his hair before looking over at a few other early students, most of them weren't exactly fun to be arround, even spotting one that threatened his life on more then one occasion. Not that it mattered. While he was one of the Good Students, he knew how to protect himself, and he became protector against bullies, like some sort of Superhero, minus the powers, tights and action figures.
He kicked the fence lightly in boredom. "How annoying..." He muttered before taking out his iPod and putting his head phones in, and blasting his music.
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Bad Girl, Good Boy.
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