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 Scruff's RP requests! [It's What I Like.]

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Scruff's RP requests! [It's What I Like.] Empty
PostSubject: Scruff's RP requests! [It's What I Like.]   Scruff's RP requests! [It's What I Like.] Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 10:41 pm

What am I looking for you might ask? Well then! I'm looking for someone who can role play at the same level I do and keep a story going with out it getting weird or off track. To be more precise, someone who can write between 2-6 paragraphs per posts ( any more and it gets boring to read), uses spell check, keeps in character and to the plot. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Now~! It's time for a few rules!

Rules To Role Play By:

Be Literate! I went over this already.
Just leave a message here if you're interested, and have at least an idea of what you want to do.
If I ask you to, let me see a sample of your role playing.
If playing a cannon character, keep in character.
Ask me what my limits are. I'll be asking for yours.
I usually don't do "straight"
Don't be rude.
The word of the day is "Fierce".
No whiny Ukes!

Now that that's all taken care of! Lets go on to the fun part!

The List Of Role Plays!

++++ = This Is What I Crave!
+++ = I want it like whoa.
++ = Sure. Let's do it to it.
+ = Ok. If there's nothing else you'd like to do.
XX = I won't do this. Don't ask.
*P* = I have a plot. Ask me about it.
Italic = Character I'll Be Playing. No Italics mean I don't care who plays who.
^Name^ = Character can be played as an Uke-ish character.
(Notes) = Notes about the RP.
Strike = I'm role playing this already with too many people. No more for now.

I'll list the role plays by category.
Like so.


Naga X Naga +++ (Have questions about Naga's? Ask me!)

Naga X Prey ++++ (More questions? Ask again! Also, this RP could lead to M-Preg, vore and lots of Non-con.)

Master X Slave + (Can be combined with other things. Could lead to Non-con, S&M, bondage and other naughty things.)

Human X Merman ++ (Could lead to M-Preg and Non-Con)

Vampire X Vampire ++

Vampire X Human ++

Alchemist X Creation ++++ *P* (I'm dieing to RP this. Anyone? Plot contains Non-con, abuse, and brutal S&M.)

Father X Son XX

Don't hesitate to suggest something


-:Fan Based:-

Soubi X ^Ritsuka^ ++++

Gundam Wing
Duo X Wufei +++ *P*
Trowa X ^Quatre^ ++
Duo X ^Quatre^ +++
Heero X Duo XX

South Park (All settings take place after the "boys" graduate high school)
Kyle X Stan ++++
Kyle X Kenny +++
Cartmen X ^Butters^ ++
Stan X Kenny ++
Cartman X Kenny ++
Cartmen X Kyle +

Weiss Kreuz
Schuldich X Farfarello ++
Schuldich X Yohji +
^Nagi^ X Omi +

Ranma 1/2
Ranma X Ryoga +++
Ranma X Mousse +

Queer As Folk
Brian X Micheal ++

Harry Potter
George X Fred ++++
Fred & Geroge X Oliver Wood ++
Fred & George X Anyone +++
Draco X Harry +
Draco X Ron ++
Sirius X ^Remus^ ++ (Present or Marauder)
Lucius X Severus + (Marauder Only)

Hana Kimi
Umeda X Akiha ++
Umeda X Original Cahracter +
Minami X ^Nakao^ +

Naruto XX

Fullmetal Alchemist XX

Kingdom Hearts XX

Want something not on the list? Ask! I might do it. Unless I know nothing about the series x.x

-:Real People:-

Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Page X Robert Plant +++
Robert Plant X John Paul Jones ++

Green Day
Tre Cool X Billie Joe++
Tre Cool X Mike Dirnt +
Mike Dirnt X Billie Joe +

-:Add Ons:-
(this junk can be thrown in to other RPs if it fits.)
- Incest
- Non-con
- S&M
- M-Preg
- Vore
(ask about others)


There! That's my longass list!
It's so long I'm sure you'll be able to find something you like!
And like I said, if it's not on the list, suggest it! I might do it!

What I Will Never Ever Do:
Thank you.
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Scruff's RP requests! [It's What I Like.]
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